Residential Locksmith Locksmith Richmond

Certified and professional Residential locksmith service in Richmond. We perform the following types of work:

Burglary damage repair

If your home suffers from the forced entry, residential locksmith service in Richmond will perform: immediate replacement of both mechanical and electronic locks, repair of doors or full replacement if they are beyond repair.

 Key duplication

Our employees make Key duplication through engraving and cutting grooves and holes on the key blank. They do it on a special machine  –  key duplication machine. Residential locksmith Richmond guarantees that we will do Key duplication in a few minutes.

Home lockouts

We use only certified equipment, namely: Adjustable Tubular Manipulation Pick, Electric and Individual Lock Picks and Snap Guns. We can solve Home lockouts quickly and without damaging your doors with the help of this equipment.

Key replacement

Residential locksmith service in Richmond uses Rekeying kit for key replacement. We remove the cylinder from your lock, that’s why keep your previous key.

After the cylinder replacement, we insert and screw up the new one, check whether everything works and give you a new set of keys.

Lock change / replace 

Residential locksmith Richmond uses the best steel equipment for the quick replacement of the keys: Jackknife Replacement Tension Tool, Replacement Snake Pick, and Replacement Screw.

 Rekey locks

Residential locksmith Richmond provides rekeying kit service for all brands. We take off the exterior plate of the door handle and cylinder lock. Then we remove the cylinder locking device, take off the cylinder plug and after all, set up a new lock key in the cylinder.

Safe cracking

Residential locksmith Richmond uses Electronic Lock Bypass System for unlocking safes. Most likely we will drill your safe if you don’t know the password. Electronic Lock Bypass System allows unblocking the lock through a small drilled hole.

Deadbolt locks

Deadbolt locks from Residential locksmith Richmond will protect your home with the effective plated keyways and steel base of high quality. We offer deadbolt locks in the following configurations:

  1. Single Cylinder
  2. Double Cylinder
  3. Electronic Locks
  4.  Smart Locks
  5. One-Sided Deadbolt (with Exterior Plate)

Master key system

A Master key system from Residential locksmith Richmond service provides the access to all doors by having only one master key. It can’t be duplicated or used without your permission.

 Locking mailbox

Residential locksmith Richmond usually uses Tubular Manipulation Pick, Electric Lock Pick or Snap Gun for removing the metal clip and tailpiece and installing the new lock.

Peep holes

Our locksmiths will measure your doors, find their center, mark the spot and drill the peep hole. Then we will install the viewer (a lens and a barrel).

Key cutting

When you order a new key, the locksmiths from Residential locksmith Richmond will insert the original key into the empty groove of the car, and a key blank into the empty part near the cutting wheel. The current pulls the key blank through the cutting wheel. It duplicates the cuts of the original key. That’s how we make the keys for you.

Fence gate locks

Locksmiths from Residential locksmith service in Richmond will perform Position the bar for the gate latch. Also, workers can install the gate latch on the gate post and cut an access hole on it.

Custom locks installation

Specialists from Residential locksmith can perform: the installation of the custom key less entry feature, key duplications, maintenance of key less entry feature, peep holes, deadbolt locks and whole house package locks in general.

Combination locks change

Residential locksmith Richmond can change your lock combination in three steps: we will find your master code, reset all four-digit password and with the help of і Schlage-button combination install new passwords.

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