Door & frame Locksmith Richmond

Locksmith Door and frame Richmond Service

Locksmith Richmond Door and frame Service is able to install, repair, replace or make your door or frames adjustable.

Repair of doors

Locksmith Richmond Door & frame service will perform the repair of your doors. Firstly, we‘ll check the hinge screws on your door. Then, we will replace a screw near the doorstep, fix the sagging and drill through a jamb. Finally, we‘ll install a belt sander.

Preventing break-in

Richmond Door/frame service can set up or replace a frame or fiberglass door for improving the safety. Also, we may replace windowed exterior doors by windowless ones. 

Installation or replacement of doors

 The best door/frame Locksmith services in Richmond BC will perform for you: removal of hinge pins, setting up the doors and painting them, marking the cut points, trimming the rest of the door, cutting the lockset holes. 

Install and repair hinges of your doors

Door and frame Locksmith in Richmond BC can also search for the spot on the frame of a door for installation of your hinges. After that, we’ll cut a mortise and finally install some individual hinges.

Pivot repair 

We install new pivot foot using a set of screwdrivers. Also, we will clean out the track and after that replace a pivot foot.

Aluminum storefront repair

We install and replace everything from aluminum swing, automatic or ADA doors to handles and locks.

Concealed door closers

If you want to open your doors easily, we’ll make cam and roller design more efficient. Also, we can do spring force size adjustable.

Track and rail repair

Door & frame Locksmith Richmond BC also perform such kind of service as cleaning the track and removing a roller assembly. Also, we may change it or the roller only.

Frame repair

Locksmith Richmond door/frame service does every kind of frame repair. For example, we can fix a warped door frame as well as do the reinstallation of the door strip and molding.

Repair of rollers and sliding doors

Door and frame Richmond BC services can perform a wide range of works: unscrewing and removing stiles of moving panel as well as roller replacement.

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