Commercial Locksmith Richmond

Commercial Locksmith Richmond BC

Do you take care of the security of your business? Do you want that your office to be always protected? We offer you the 24/7 Commercial Locksmith service in Richmond BC. Our locksmiths received the professional training from our company and have the licenses that confirm they are the best in the sphere of maintenance and service of commercial security systems, keys, unlocking and replacement of the high level of protection keys. We are the first from the Commercial Locksmith services in Richmond BC who will reach your office and solve any problem as quickly as possible.

Emergency  Office lockout service in Richmond 

Keep calm and don’t panic if you can’t get access to your office or face with the lockout. The Emergency Office lockout service specialists in Richmond will enter the keyhole with the help of professional master key,compact electric lock pick, Individual high yield lock Pick and open the door with the surgical precision without causing harm. If it doesn’t help, we’ll pick the lock accurately with no damage to the door using a multifunctional crowbar and drill.

One key and a lot of possibilities with Master Keys systems from the Commercial Locksmith Richmond BC

We guarantee the safety of your offices. No confusions and fears about your office security will exist. One main master key gives you the full access to all premises. All other keys will have that level of access which you’ll indicate. Nobody will make a copy of your keys without your knowledge.

Thousands of clients in one door with Door Closers from Commercial Locksmith Richmond BC

Do you have a business that works with a lot of clients? So, you need the  Door Closers of high quality on the main entrance and exit doors. We are the licensed Commercial Locksmith service and set up the Door Closers according to all legal requirement. It’s worth remembering that the Door Closers should be on your doors as required by Disabilities Act (ADA) code requirements. It will make your clients’ life easier, and you’ll be confident that your business works for the people’s benefit.

Panic bars on guard of safety

Install Panic bars on the doors of entrance, exit doors and emergency exit of your office in the event of the emergency. Commercial Locksmith Richmond BC installs Panic bars meeting all safety standards.

Protect your doors with the help of electric strikes

If you want to enhance the security of central or other doors in office, you may order the electric strikes from Commercial Locksmith Richmond. Control the access to the doors through the keychain, pin code or cards. Also, you’ll always know when the doors of your office in Richmond BC were opened or closed

Keypad Locks

If you need to limit access to some separate doors of the office, keypad locks will suit perfectly for this aim. Only you and people whom you give a password or electronic key will have access there. It’s a good solution both for the main entrance and office.

Mortis locks

 We install Mortis locks inside the door panel. So, their reliability is very high. Mortis locks perfectly suit to the metal doors because there these locks are protected directly with the very door panel. Nowadays, this type of the lock has proved to be reliable and firm. It withstands the high passability and can’t be broken.

Duty locks

We can install the Duty locks of different types: open type, mushroom-like, and locks of the closed type. We suggest choosing the level of reliability from padlocks of the 3rd and 4th level of security. They are reliable because the basis of such a lock hides the arch completely that protects from the forced entries.

Latch guards

If you need to protect the doors of your business from the burglars, we recommend to do it using the latch guards from our locksmith service.

Latch guards of high-quality steel protects the gap between doors from the forced entry and improves the security of your doors.

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